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Why The Net Effect

The Net Effect is a digital business consulting firm that assesses small to medium-sized construction and service businesses to help them restructure and implement software solutions with the goal of being more efficient, profitable and prepared for growth.

What We Do

Making a plan to find you solutions to your business problems.

Business Consulting

The Net Effect team will work closely with you and your team to assess your business and process needs; identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We will look at how you and your staff work now. What pain points exist? Where is there room for improvement and growth? What are your business and personal goals? We will use this information to draft a plan of action.

Software Selection

Every construction business is unique and interacts with its customers, partners, suppliers and staff in different ways. Construction software has exploded in recent years to address and automate nearly every aspect of running a project and business. Having reviewed most of the construction software in the market, we will look to match your specific business needs to an appropriate software solution from a cost, feature and functionality perspective.

Software Support

Choosing the right software is useless if proper attention isn’t paid to implementation, on-boarding and ongoing support. Any software solution is going to require a change in process and people generally resist change. The Net Effect will help make sure you and your staff are fully supported during the transition to your new software and any new processes to ensure quick, long-lasting adoption and return on your investment.

How We Do It

The Net Effect Client Lifecycle

Why Construction Software

“Construction companies are starting to see the competitive advantages made possible by technology, and we encourage them to keep working from this perspective. The companies that come out ahead will be those that don’t wait: Develop a vision, hire a team and get started.”

Lorne Burns
KPMG Canada
National Industry Leader
Building, Construction & Real Estate

“With the demand in the construction industry increasing, the pressure on construction businesses to act is also rising. As leading organizations are transforming fast by adopting technological solutions and following other best practices, they will pave the way for the rest of the industry to embrace this change. However, there is no doubt in saying that players that don’t reevaluate their approaches will be left behind.”

Ed Williams